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Due to the success of the Save Lives Project, Sélifa is proposing a continuation of her outreach program in Togo.  This new project (“Project”) will be implemented through Mother Hippo with the financial support of interested partners. 


Women and girls are still victims of all kinds of violence inside their families, in the communities and in the society.  Violence against women and girls are those acts which mortgage their futures and development.  These practices are: incest, rape, female circumcision, early and forced marriage, widowing degrading rites, denial of school education for girls or training for women.  This Project is aimed at implementing activities in the Targeted Prefectures (defined below) in order to contribute to the progressive and sensible reduction and eventual elimination of these harmful practices in Togo.  


Despite the existence of international and regional conventions and national laws to protect women and girls, harmful practices are still a reality because of social, cultural and religious considerations.  Therefore, it is necessary for us to continue our efforts in raising the awareness of the communities in Togo.  The communities, and especially parents, must be informed of the harmful consequences of FGM which can prevent their women and girls from enjoying their own personal rights.  Failure to support their women and girls ripples down to the core of families and communities. 


The Project's activities will include awareness-raising training workshops regarding female rights and the harmful practice of FGM, screenings of “AFRICAN HEART,” as well as public discussions, radio interviews and women's marches.  Mother Hippo will target three villages in six of Togo's prefectures (“Targeted Prefectures”), working with the local authorities, community leaders, village leaders, religious leaders and influential women.

In order to reach the specific objectives of the Project in the Targeted Prefectures, Mother Hippo will work on the following: 

1.         Strengthen the community leaders’ capacity to combat harmful practices perpetrated against women and girls;

2.         Raise awareness amongst communities and their leaders about the consequences of these harmful practices on the development of its citizens and their families;

3.         Allow women to voice their condemnation against the harmful practices which have been perpetrated against them; and,

4.         Conduct a final tour of the visited villages to measure and evaluate the impact and success of the Project's activities on those communities; and, prepare a final report setting forth the results.

So, we ask your assistance in making this next Project a success by making a donation.

Thank you.


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